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educating and empowering children and families


We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization who, since 2007 has educated and empowered children, their families, and entrepreneurial women to create social change in El Salvador. Our Salvadoran partner non-profit organization, Asociación Nuevo Amanecer de El Salvador (ANADES) has over 25 years of experience educating pre-school children and providing health care and community development to impoverished families.


Discover Our Impact: Annual Report 2014 2014 Annual Report

  • At the beginning of May we celebrated the Day of the Cross, a tradition of blended Catholic and indigenous roots that celebrates the transformation from death to life. We shared a snack of fruit with the children as an offering to God in hope for an abundant harvest this rainy season.
  • The Legislative Assembly deliberated about constitutionally declaring water as a human right. We collected signatures to persuade them to vote in favor of the declaration. In the end it was not approved, but they agreed to vote again in 3 years, rather than in 6, which is a mini victory!
  • In one of the latest parent formation meetings, the physical therapist on staff at ANADES taught the parents a few relaxation techniques to use when their children are stressed. Hopefully they will put them into practice!
  • In the month of May, all along the Pacific Coast waves several meters high hit shore causing the sea level to rise and destroying homes. The women from our Women´s Empowerment Project gathered donations, which we took to share with the families who lost many of their possessions.
  • With the help of a donor, we made picture cards as a tool for reading and writing. They are categorized by letter, and as the children learn a new letter, they find the corresponding cards and use a moveable alphabet to spell out the name of the image represented
  • We are well into the second year of the Women´s Empowerment Project. We have now completed workshops on self-esteem, gender equality, leadership and 2 on financial administration. We are eager to see how they apply what they have learned throughout the year!
  • We enjoyed the visit of the delegation of students and teachers from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. We are grateful for their interest in our work and hope that they were inspired by the people they met here in El Salvador and will want to keep the connection alive!
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