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A fresh start to the Women’s Empowerment Project!

Since the very beginning in 2014, the Women’s Empowerment Project’s (WEP) curriculum has gone through many positive changes to improve the entrepreneurs’ experience, knowledge, and skill building. The project has grown and has enhanced its workshops, counseling services, retreats, and community activities. In June 2018, our staff evaluated the WEP which served as a tool to improve the project. 

Starting in 2019, every participant of the WEP will make a commitment for two years. As a result of this modification to the curriculum, we have revamped the topics taught during the workshops to better meet the entrepreneurs’ needs. Each topic will be covered more in depth to ensure that the participants can acquire the knowledge necessary to implement in their businesses and lives.

The team behind the WEP also continues to grow. This year, Flor and Cesar (coordinators of the Project) will work alongside Pamela, facilitator of the personal empowerment workshops and Fernando, facilitator of the accounting and record keeping workshops. The Project will also have the support of a psychologist, and motivated individuals or organizations that want to facilitate mentoring sessions and talks to share their knowledge, ideas, connections, and experiences with the participants of the WEP.

We are excited to embark on the WEP’s fifth year. These two years, with the new aspects of the project, will help our women entrepreneurs strengthen their businesses and thus be a stable source of income for them and their families. Alongside the Project’s team and the support of our donors, we hope to see an economically and personally empowered version of each women that graduates from the WEP. Thank you for faithfully believing in our entrepreneurs and in their potential.

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