Why take a self empowerment workshop to develop a business?

This is a question that many women who were interested in being part of the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP) ask, once hearing about the different activities that they must participate in if they want to be part of WEP. To them, this was something out of the ordinary; what does this have to do with […]

40 Women Entrepreneurs Discover Self-care Spaces

Between the recommended mental health activities, there are self-care spaces. These spaces are moments in which a person halts their daily routine to do an activity which helps them rest or distract themselves. Some self-care ideas include: reading a book, harvesting a garden, doing exercise, conversing with a trustworthy person, journaling, and listening to music; […]

Meet our newest 3 staff members!

Our work continues to grow and significantly impact more Salvadoran families and, as we move forward in the creation of new projects, we are happy to share that the Programa Velasco family is also growing. Today we introduce you to the 3 newest members of our team: Wendy, Ricardo, and Aida. Wendy is the new […]

The Strength of Women: More Real Than Ever

Founded in November 2019, “The Strength of Women” (La Fuerza de las Mujeres) is a Savings and Lending Group (SLG) made up of twelve entrepreneurs who graduated from the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP). When they started, none of them could have imagined what they were going to confront and achieve. The goal of the Savings […]

NEW: Families United Project in Tepecoyo

Programa Velasco’s goal has always been to create a positive impact in the lives of Salvadoran families, aimed at breaking the cycle of violence, gender inequality, and poverty in which they live. With the new Families United Project in Tepecoyo, PV is building on its strong history of social impact work and commitment to the […]

Meet Raquel

My name is Raquel Torres and I am a rising sophomore at Marquette University, double majoring in Political Science and Latin American Studies. I have spent the summer virtually interning for Programa Velasco, and the experience has been something that I will forever be grateful for.  I was born and raised in Chicago, but my […]