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PV board in El Salvador: Elizabeth’s reflection

Elizabeth Sanchez has served as a PV board member since September, 2018. This was Elizabeth’s first time visiting El Salvador. 

“Visiting El Salvador was a testament to the resilience and strengths that young children, women entrepreneurs, and the families exude. The women entrepreneurs and their families welcomed us to their humble homes with enthusiasm and gratitude, as they talked about their business projects and entrepreneur dreams. We met hard-working Sandra and her supportive husband in La Javia, as they were working their tortilla and pupusa business. They shared their conviction to helping serve their Salvadoran community by crafting the most delicious hand-made tortillas and pupusas.

The women entrepreneurs expressed their desire to create and develop crafts, to help support the well-being of their young children. These experiences were a reminder of the importance to live life collectively with humility, compassion, and passion. It was an honor and a privilege to have met the most vulnerable and inspiring families living in San Ramon and La Javia.

Moreover, meeting PV staff was lovely. The staff members displayed their passion and commitment to uplift the voices of PV’s young children, women entrepreneurs, and families. It was reinvigorating to witness the staff working collectively, as a team, to help promote well-being for the family systems.”

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