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PV board in El Salvador: Jenn’s reflection

Jenn Dunneback joined PV’s board of directors in July 2019 and a few weeks later, she came to see our work first hand! Here is her reflection about her experience:

The visit with Programa Velasco for my first trip to El Salvador, to both San Ramon and La Javia, ranks as the most impactful trip I have taken yet in life. Why you may ask? It is hard to peg it down exactly, however I would liken it to an immersion into the lives of a lovely group of people… beyond a window-glimpse one may vantage from afar as a tourist or traditional visitor. The entrepreneurs supported by PV and their families opened their doors and hearts to receive and welcome us into their lives and communities. What started as welcoming embraces and introductions, progressed to explanations and demonstrations of the skills learned through PV workshops, how counseling has enhanced their spirits, and how ongoing check-ins by PV staff on the businesses they began has assisted in growing their businesses. But the most impactful discussions were the sharing of the entrepreneurs’ life stories, goals met through diligence with PV’s guidance, concluding with focus on their future goals and dreams… discussions you may only entrust with close friends or family.

This experience coupled with the opportunity to bond with the PV team was inspiring. While a historical supporter of PV, having just joined the Board, I felt humbled to help accept the outpouring of love and gratitude for all the efforts of PV Staff, Donors, Partners, and the Board. Representing PV on behalf of all of you, who have done so much to make PV and its benefactors successful, was a true honor. Please know each woman and family we met with shared how much every effort we make is truly, deeply appreciated.

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