Betty Jane “B.J.” Boyd was a woman for others. An entrepreneur. A practical joker. An inspirational leader. Her passionate spirit, incredible work ethic and genuine relationship with her customers lead to her success with her business and store, Consider It Done, in Downers Grove, IL. Without a doubt, there were many influential people throughout her lifetime that offered B.J. support by mentoring her, training her and giving the business financial assistance. It too takes a village to cultivate a thriving business for nearly 19 years.

Just as so many people supported and believed in B.J., Programa Velasco desires to offer other young women students and entrepreneurs, in the greatest need, an opportunity study, live their vocational call and provide a fruitful life for their families.

B.J.’s death does not end her influence or her mentorship, rather her death brings to life new opportunities and a new hope for others.
The Betty Jane Boyd Scholarship Fund, through Programa Velasco, will provide educational training and business leadership programs through the Women’s Empowerment Project so that they too may have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and businesses, their familes and community. After visiting El Salvador in 2010, B.J. always longed to return. Through this unique scholarship fund, B.J. will live out her dream to not only return, but to inspire creativity, leadership and empowerment in other women’s lives!

We invite you to make a donation in B.J.’s honor as well as in honor
of the opportunity to support other women entrepreneurs!