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Sewing Machine- Seed Money


Sewing Machine-Seed Money

Entrepreneurs in the Women’s Empowerment Project can apply for seed money to either jump start a business or help increase their business production. Many seamstresses or tailors sew or make alterations by hand or if they are lucky, they borrow an inefficient sewing machine. With a professional and high efficiency sewing machine, an entrepreneur will spend time making and selling more of her clothing and household products.  

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Field Trips


Field Trip

At least three times a year, children get out of the classroom and go on field trips with classmates and/or with their families. They learn about endangered animals at the beach where they release turtles safely into the ocean, they visit local historical sites, and they learn about farming at ANADES’ 100 acre organic farm.

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Business Training Workshop


Business Training

Many entrepreneurs have run their businesses for years but have not had the opportunity to learn fundamental business techniques or strategies. In our two year Project, entrepreneurs will attend workshops to learn skills ranging from budgeting, cost analysis, bookkeeping, marketing, and business plan creation and evaluation. Entrepreneurs will take what they learn in the classroom to apply it in the real world of their small businesses. 

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Refrigerator- Seed Money


Refrigerator-Seed Money

Entrepreneurs in the Women’s Empowerment Project can apply for seed money to either jump start a business or help increase their production. A necessary piece of equipment for a food business is a  refrigerator yet many entrepreneurs haven’t been able to afford one. This is especially helpful for those in a rural community who need to take an hour long bus ride to purchase lower cost ingredients. With a refrigerator, an entrepreneur can store more fresh ingredients for a longer period of time. A refrigerator will boost her production and save her time and money. 

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Yoga class


Yoga Class

Children participate in yoga classes to learn much more than poses like downward dog- they learn deep breathing exercises and mindfulness practices to regulate their body’s responses to emotional stress and to improve concentration.

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Counseling Session


Counseling Session

Programa Velasco fills a void for needed mental health care for children, their parents, and women entrepreneurs. Many face threats of various forms of violence and/or have experienced or inherited trauma but have very limited opportunities for no-cost services. A gift for a counseling session is a gift to gain more social emotional skills, to experience more healing, and to feel more supported.

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