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Children protecting the planet!

Family time in the park, a visit to the ANADES organic farm, and releasing turtles on the beach are some of the activities that are carried out throughout the school year. Each one of these activities has the objective of teaching the importance of the environment to children from a young age so they can put it into practice in their lives.

One of the most awaited activities for everyone (children, families, and teachers) is the annual release of turtles. Read more about their experience below:

At the end of each year the children go to the beach where the sea turtles have placed their eggs weeks before. The eggs are under the care of Funzel, a Salvadoran organization of endangered species who protects them from human and animal predators.

The students in the 4, 5, and 6 year-old classrooms first learn, from the Funzel staff, about the characteristics of the different turtles, their habitat, and the dangers they face at sea like pollution and at shore when they go out to lay your eggs.
Afterwards, each child takes a baby turtle, gives it a name, and places it on the sand to watch it make its way into the ocean. During the turtle’s journey into the ocean, the children applaud and cheer until it swims away and then they wish it a good trip.

At the end, each child understands the importance of caring for nature and making sure that all species have a good place to live. That message reaches the entire family when the children share their experience and what they’ve learned.

It’s important to start at an early age but it’s never too late to create change. Get inspired. Take action and make a gift that gives back! If you are looking for a way to contribute to the environment, you can do so by giving children the opportunity to have memorable learning experiences like this one.

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