Meet Andrea Carolina!

One of Andrea’s favorite activities is drawing and coloring, and her teacher mentioned that one of her strengths is being willing to share her toys, games, and classroom materials. One thing she struggled with at the beginning of the year was showing affection to her classmates, but Andrea has improved greatly in expressing her emotions and feelings to those closest to her. Her favorite learning activity this year was the unit on marine animals. Andrea is often described as responsible, friendly, and sincere.

AndreaSandraBlogAndrea’s mom, Sandra, is 33. She has a third grade education and works cleaning homes, earning approximately $175 a month. She applied for a scholarship from Programa Velasco because she brings in all of the family’s income– a difficult task considering she is caring for a total of three children. Andrea’s teacher has really appreciated Sandra’s involvement in the development process and interest in getting to know more about behavioural issues. Andrea and Sandra are pictured here at the field day for students and their families back in June at ANADES’ organic farm.

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