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Meet Blanca Estela!

This is Blanca Estela’s second year in the Women’s Empowerment Project. Most mornings, she makes sweet bread in her home and sells door to door in her community during the afternoon. At the same time, she branching out to also make and sell ‘pupusas’ and other typical Salvadoran foods and snacks in her neighborhood.

In addition to baking and cooking, she also has an interest in sewing. She recently took a short vocational training course on clothing design and tailoring. In the future, she’d like to make clothes for babies and children to then sell. In the meantime, she’s working hard to diversify her skill sets.

Blanca Estela is also a single mom to two children. She enjoys spending time with them and the neighborhood kids. To keep the kids busy and engage them, she often organizes arts and crafts activities in her home.

Blanca Estela is an example of someone who is working hard to improve her skills, her business, her family, and community!

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