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Meet Clara!

Clara grew up with five brothers in San Ramón.At fifteen, she learned how to sew and since, she has always practiced the trade.Clara worked for twelve years in a ‘maquila’ (a factory that takes advantage of workers by paying low wages) where she sewed all kinds of clothes and she dedicated another seven years to embroidering clothing. Those jobs were exhausting and the pay was unjust, and with what she earned, she managed to support her family. A few years ago, she decided that she had been through enough at the maquila, so she resigned and decided to start her own business.

Taking advantage of her sewing skills and her small sewing machine, she began to make mops made from towels. She entered the WEP last year and since, her business has grown as well as her self-esteem. Thanks to seed money from the WEP, Clara purchased an industrial sewing machine and now it’s easier to use and she produces a higher quality product. This year, Clara will use her seed money to purchase more materials so she can produce more products and increase her inventory.

Clara has had a hard time going out to sell her products door to door or finding new customers who need mops. In the future, she hopes to be able to hire someone to sell her products so she can dedicate her time to manufacturing.

We are happy that she is finishing her second year in the WEP! We have observed Clara develop both emotionally and professionally. She continues to be very eager to move forward!

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