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Meet Danae Nicole!

 Her teacher, Carolina, told us a few things about Danae:

“Danae’s loves play-acting and taking on the role of people she is close to. Danae Nicole does a good job of expressing her ideas and doubts with confidence. One difficulty I have noticed is that she can have a hard time being respectful of her classmates. She loves to participate and collaborate, though she can have a bit of a temper! Although it has improved a lot in that aspect, today it is more affectionate. For her, it is difficult to follow the rules, but we are working to improve it “

Danae, lives with her grandmother Noemy and her two older siblings. Noemy does everything in her power to support them in their development and education, but it is difficult considering all the other responsibilities she has on her plate to support her own children, her job, and her personal life. Since Danae began at the Center when she was 2 years old, she has received a scholarship from Programa Velasco. Danae’s sponsor also supported Ashlee, Danae’s older sister while she studied at the Center. We so appreciate their sponsor’s generosity and the opportunity to facilitate a friendship between Danae, Ashlee, Noemy, and the girls’ sponsor. Without a doubt, Noemy could not afford to send the girls to the Center had they not received a scholarship.

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