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Meet Diego!

Currently, he is our guide as we create our new Strategic Plan for the next two years.

Diego studied psychology at the University of Central America “José Simeón Cañas” and earned his Masters Degree in Social Intervention from the International University of La Rioja, Spain. He has a lot of experience in social intervention programs and has worked with a variety of populations in El Salvador.  He worked previously on causes and shared his knowledge and skills to organizations like Techo El Salvador and Save the Children International.

He is an empathetic, charismatic and kind person. Since he was young, he participated in volunteer programs and his experiences helped him understand that each member of a team is important for the work of an organization. For him, a title or position doesn’t matter, the people are what and who matter.
When asked what were the main reasons he wanted to join Programa Velasco, he said: “When I read the position’s requirements, I immediately thought that my experiences, skills, and knowledge could contribute significantly to Programa Velasco’s work. In addition, I liked the work that they do with women entrepreneurs, because economic empowerment is important for families to get out of poverty and social exclusion.”

Since we met him, we could tell that Diego is a person that is always looking to improve himself, both in personally and professionally. When asked about his goals and plan for the future, he replied: “One of my next goals is to study a second master’s degree or take certification courses related to violence prevention or public service management. I also want to see Programa Velasco become stronger in its focuses of Early Childhood Development, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Mental Health.”

We are very happy that within Diego’s goals and plans for the future is the goal to strengthen Programa Velasco. We’re certain that together, we can achieved this goal. Diego went on to mention that it’s very clear that everyone in Programa Velasco is very focused to reach the same objective: “Improve the quality of life for people who live in poverty and experience social exclusion.”

We are so happy to have Diego in our team, and we are sure that together with him and all the rest our team, we’ll make Programa Velasco´s dreams become a reality.

We’ll keep you posted on Diego’s future progress!


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