Meet Elsa!

Elsa has made a lot of great strides over the last year. She regularly tracks her expenses and revenue. It is often difficult for Elsa and other entrepreneurs in the WEP to pay themselves a daily wage because they earn such a limited income and must make daily reinvestments back into their businesses.

Despite this challenge, Elsa is disciplined, and has managed to increase her earnings and profits in order to provide for herself and her daughter. She shared with us that as a result of her participation in the project, “I am now able to pay all of my bills and am no longer in debt to anyone– and that makes me happy.”

We are happy for Elsa and love seeing her smiling face at the end of the day as she sets up her stand to sell snacks to the kids and families as they leave the Center. Her continued participation this year has set an example for the new women joining the project, as she is eager to share her knowledge and continue to learn new skills that will help her be a better businesswoman. We appreciate her participation and are grateful to be able to provide her these opportunities with your support!

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