Meet Elvia Sofia!

Elvia lives with her mom and dad and has 4 brothers and sisters. She also recently became an aunt! One of her favorite activities is listening to music and dancing, and her teacher this year mentioned that one of her strengths is being supportive of her classmates when they are having a hard time. One thing she struggles with is concentrating while receiving instructions during activities. Elvia is often described as affectionate, respectful, and helpful. If she sees you from a distance, she will always call out a cheerful hello– if she sees you nearby, you can be sure you will be getting a hug!

Elvia’s mom and dad, Ana Maria and Guillermo, are 49 and 54. They finished high-school and ninth grade, respectively, and Ana has her own bakery while Guillermo helps deliver the baked goods, earning a little less than the equivalent of two minimum wage salaries between the both of them. They applied for a scholarship from Programa Velasco again this year because of their limited income, and given that they are putting several other children through school. Without the scholarship, they would not be able to put Elvia through her last year at the center.

Ana Maria, Elvia’s mom, is a graduate of the Women’s Empowerment Project, and is now a member of the new savings and lending group that some of the graduates have formed. She is excited to continue growing her business and providing for her children’s needs. We are proud to support Ana Maria, Elvia, and the rest of their family as they work hard to build a better life! If you would like to support a family like this, find more information here, and be sure to check back next #MeetMeMonday for an introduction to another one of our scholarship students!

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