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Meet Flor!

She is originally from La Laguna, a municipality of Chalatenango, a rural area of El Salvador. She grew up in a Catholic family and became a member of the youth group when she was 12 years old. During her time in the youth group and because of everything she learned from those who visited and worked with her in the community, she discerned becoming a nun.

When Flor was in eighth grade, she entered a scholarship program where a sponsor from the United States financed her education until college. She did not start her college education immediately after high school because of financial difficulties. She instead decided to travel to Germany where her sister resides. There, she learned German and worked as nanny for one year.

After her time in Germany, she returned and entered the National University of El Salvador to study Sociology. The degree was especially of interest because she liked to read about the El Salvador’s history, her family was involved in the armed conflict, and she grew up listening to Monsignor Romero. All of this acted as motivation for her to choose Sociology as the focus of her studies.

Flor has worked with government social programs such as PATI (Temporary Income Support Program) and others such as the Department of Education teacher training programs. Flor is very excited to work with Programa Velasco! She identifies with all our projects and will be covering for Allison Ramirez, our In-Country Director while she is on her maternity leave. We too are excited to welcome Flor to the team!

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