Meet Gracia Maria!

Almost a month ago, during the “Solidarity Fair” at UCA we attended, Gracia was interested in carrying out her university social service with our project. As a marketing student, she saw the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge she has acquired over the years in order to support the entrepreneurs. She also thinks that such initiatives are key to growing the economy, not just of households, but of El Salvador as a whole.

We thank Gracia María for her interest in sharing her knowledge about marketing with the women so they can develop their businesses! So far, Gracia says she is “very impressed with the determination and initiative that women have and with everything they have achieved so far in their initiatives.”

Gracia meets with one or two women each week to learn about their business, review what can be improved, and to suggest fresh ideas on how to present their products to the public. Her ideas and work are of great help to us all. We are very grateful for her interest and dedication to the projects that entrepreneurs have been putting so much effort into.

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