Meet Isis!

Guadalupe mentioned that she loves playing pretend in the kitchen, she is very independent, which is very important at this stage in her development. Sometimes she has trouble concentrating on a specific activity. She occasionally has a tantrums but is very affectionate, cooperative and likes to share with others. Although they are very demanding with the care provided for their children, Isis’ parents can have a hard time following up on all of her health needs, with four children– and one a newborn!

Isis lives with her three siblings, one of them, is her twin, Eli Leonel and her parents: William and Penelope. They both do everything they can to support for their four children, but it is not easy and that is why they asked Programa Velasco for a scholarship for Isis and her sister Osiris. This way, all the 3 kids can be in the same pre-school which is very close to their home.

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