Meet Janis!

Janis is in kindergarten and is a returning student to the Center. She lives with her mom and dad and has one older brother. She loves creating things out of play-doh, and is very mature for her age- one of her strengths is resolving her difficulties or conflicts through dialogue. She struggles with joining in with other groups of kids during recess, but her teacher described Janis as honest, helpful, and creative.

JanisMarlenyBlogJanis’s mom and dad, Marleny and Mario, are 45 and 40. They both finished high-school, and at the beginning of the year, Mario worked as a cook, earning a small but steady wage each month. Marleny was unemployed, and had joined the Women’s Empowerment Project to try and start her own business. Unfortunately, roles were reversed and Marleny is now working, with her dreams of owning a business on hold. They applied for a scholarship from Programa Velasco because of these precarious economic situations, and we are glad to support them as they continue to try and provide a better life for Janis.

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