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Meet Jennifer!

Jennifer is 5 years old and lives with her mom and dad, and has one brother. She loves to listen to music and dance! Jennifer is also one of the students in her grade who is most able to express her ideas with confidence. This year, she has been working on respecting the ideas of her classmates. She is quick to smile and give out hugs, especially to her cousin Danae, pictured above in the middle. Jennifer is often described as creative, responsible, and helpful.

Her mom and dad are Vilma and Daniel, 30 and 29 years old. Vilma completed ninth grade and has a steady job, while Daniel finished high-school and works doing a variety of jobs. Though he lacks steady employment, he is a dedicated parent, and stops in to participate in school activities, much to Jennifer’s delight. Vilma and Daniel’s combined income is low, and receiving a scholarship through Programa Velasco– with your support– makes all the difference. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Jennifer and her family!

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