Meet Justin!

He lives with his mom and dad and is an only child. One of Justin’s favorite activities is playing games like tag and hide-and-seek with friends, and his teacher this year mentioned that one of his strengths is expressing his ideas and doubts with confidence. One thing he struggles with is respecting the ideas of his classmates. Justin is often described as helpful, observant, and eager to participate.

This year he has made significant advances in reading and writing, which he does with confidence. He especially enjoyed the unit on sea creatures that the class worked on!

Justin’s mom and dad, Fabiola and Ovidio, are 21 and 22. They finished a technical degree and ninth grade, respectively, and Fabiola is a student while Ovidio has a steady job, earning approximately $240 a month. They applied for a scholarship from Programa Velasco this year because at the moment, only Ovidio is working, and his limited income is not enough to afford the full tuition at the center. Being so young, the parents also benefit from participating in monthly parent meetings and receiving important feedback from Justin’s teacher. Our work focuses on the whole family, and we believe that with your support we have planted the seeds for Justin’s development into the future!

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