Meet Lilian!

Lilian’s strong belief in the power of yoga is what motivated her to build her business with a foundation in yoga. Throughout her life, she has gained many skills from art, to massage therapy, Reiki, to herbal medicine, among others. Lilian is self-taught and has learned yoga techniques with the help of books and video tutorials.

She began practicing with her two daughters and observed changes in his coordination, attitude and determination to make new moves. She emphasizes that Yoga is for everyone, that is why while waiting for her daughter to finish her Taekwondo class, she does a class with the other parents. For now he is participating in a course on “Yoga and meditation” to acquire better knowledge and tools to share with his clients.

Last month, Lilian was given the opportunity to teach the children to the Center for Integral Development, this will contribute to gain experience, she is very happy with what she has been able to achieve with her little students, she learns each class and It inspires her to continue her vision, which she had previously seen so far: to have a place to teach yoga classes.
This is her first year in the Women Empowerment Project, she still does not have a place to carry out her idea, but we see a lot of potential and hope that it will benefit the entire community when she shares all the knowledge she has acquired. You can support Lilian or another enterprising woman by clicking here.

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