Meet Marcos!

He lives with his mom and has one sibling. One of his favorite activities is playing soccer, and his teacher this year mentioned that one of his strengths is helping out his classmates. One thing he struggles with is sharing his toys. Marcos is often described as affectionate, supportive, and helpful. 

He also loves animals, and his family opened up their home to all of the 2 and 3 year olds last week so that they could get a first-hand look at some of the farm animals they have been learning about this year (check out the video here!). Despite being an urban area, the neighborhood of San Ramon is on the outskirts of San Salvador, and it is not uncommon to find families that raise a variety of animals on their land. Walking about 20 minutes will take you to dirt roads and even more rural properties. 

MarcosMomBlogMarcos’ mom, Marta, is 36. She only earns approximately $70 a month through varied sources of income. She applied for a scholarship from Programa Velasco because of the economic difficulties that come with being a single mother. Marta is currently unemployed, and does not have the economic support of anyone else. 

If you would like to support a family like this, find more information here, and be sure to check back next #MeetMeMonday for an introduction to another one of our scholarship students!

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