Meet Michael!

Michael lives with his mom and dad and is an only child. One of his favorite activities is coloring with crayons and painting, and his teacher this year mentioned that one of his strengths is being skilled at building towers or making different figures with objects. One thing he struggles with is following directions. He has a mind of his own, and often gets a mischevious smile on his face! Michael is often described as helpful and affectionate, and he loves to dance.

Michael’s mom and dad, Xiomara and Raul, are 20 and 22. They both finished high-school and Xiomara is a janitor, earning the minimum wage, while Raul is currently unemployed. They applied for a scholarship from Programa Velasco as only Xiomara is able to provide economically at this time, and her income is not enough to make ends meet and still cover the cost of attending the center. Both parents are very committed, and Michael is always excited to see his dad when he gets picked up at the end of the day.

If you would like to support children like María Alejandra and Kenia Lucia, find more information here, and be sure to check back next #MeetMeMonday for an introduction to another one of our scholarship students!

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