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Meet Noemy!

She is finishing her first year in the Women´s Empowerment Project (WEP). Noemy studied first grade and although she wanted to continue, her family´s economic situation prevented her from doing so. At age 4, she had already started working with her grandmother. They would walk 2 hours to another town where they would sell sweet bread.

As she grew up, she worked as a housekeeper where she cleaned, cooked, and washed clothes. She also grinded corn with a stone to make and sell tortillas. She also took care of her two younger siblings and her aging grandmother.

Years later, when she needed more time for her own family, she decided to start a business and be her own boss. She currently sells underwear and beauty products, door to door. Her clients are in the vicinity of her home but her work schedule is after 4:00 pm when they are at home.

Although she never lacked work, largely due to her determination and enthusiasm, she did feel that her limited education was holding her back. Two years ago, she began to study in an education program at her church. And this year, she will receive a certificate for fifth and sixth grade!

Since starting in the WEP, Noemy has come a long way. She had never registered her revenues and expenses but since she learned how to do bookkeeping, she has implemented it without fail. Her efforts have borne fruit – she recently received seed money from the WEP to invest and expand her business. We are very excited for Noemy and look forward to seeing what else comes from her hard work!

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