Meet Osiris!

Osiris is the oldest of four siblings – twins, Isis and Leo – who are in the two-year-old classroom and Ariel, who is 12 months old. They live with their father and mother, William and Penelope in San Ramon. Penelope recently told us about her and Osiris’ experience in the Center: “Osiris’ favorite activity is to paint and color. She loves to go to school and play with her friends. This year, she has learned to read and write. In the Center, she has developed her work ethic and her initiative to complete all her tasks. We are excited that she’s ready for first grade next year.

Osiris’ family is very grateful for the scholarship they receive for her education. It has allowed them to access a great education and care for their daughters and son. We are very happy for Osiris as she begins a new stage in her schooling next year – and we are so happy for having seen her grow all these years!

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