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Meet Rigoberto!

He lives with his mom, and is an only child. One of his favorite activities is playing with cars, puzzles, and singing, and his teacher this year mentioned that one of his strengths is paying attention to details and being confident in himself. He is also very creative! One thing Rigoberto struggles with is finding it difficult to respect classroom rules, and he is sometimes described as temperamental and needing help to avoid using violence. To help him work on those issues, he was chosen as one of three students in 4 year old Pre-K to participate in yoga this year. We hope this environment will help with stress relief and teach him some calming practices. He was hesitant to participate at first but seems to have really warmed up to the sessions! The picture below was taken during one of those first sessions- it’s far more common nowadays to see Rigoberto wearing that big smile above!

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Rigoberto’s mom, María, is 36. She works as a cook making pupusas, earning approximately $190 a month. She applied for a scholarship from Programa Velasco because, as a single mother, she must take care of all household expenses on a very low monthly income, making it difficult to pay full tuition. Your support is making a huge impact on the opportunities available to this family!

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