Meet Roxana’s new chicken farm!

This was her business idea from her first day in the Women’s Empowerment Project last year. During the workshops, she learned how to identified the various needs she would have to address. She then regularly refined and re-focused her business plan to meet those needs and innovate solutions.
In October of 2017, after meeting all the requirements, Roxana was awarded seed money to purchase 35 chickens, food and vitamins for them, and materials to build a corral to house the chickens. Since then, Roxana has cared for and fed the animals to later sell them.

At first it was difficult for her to find clients, but during the holidays in December, more people purchased the chickens. Since then, Roxana’s sales have been strong and steady! She has regularly purchased more chickens- every two weeks she has bought 25 new ones which motivates her to sell those that are more fully grown.

From her experiences, she has found ways to better use her resources and earn more profits. Currently, she has 50 chickens divided into two groups, at different growth stages.

We are very proud of Roxana and that the seed money investment we made with the indispensable help of our donors, has helped to fulfill Roxana’s dreams! She is an entrepreneur who works hard to achieve her goals and make the most of the economic and financial support staff that she receives in the Women’s Empowerment Project.

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