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Meet Santiago!

This is his first year at the Center and he has earned the affection of Rogelia, his teacher. We asked her to tell us a little about Santiago:

“Santiago is very intelligent and he learns quickly.” He has a good memory of activities we have done or things we have talked about days prior. He is also a hard worker and is very focused on doing a specific task. He is very respectful of the rules, he helps out in the classroom with set-up and cleanup and he is very friendly with his classmates. He likes to play catch and soccer. His parents are not as involved is his education as we would like. We are working with them and trying to help them understand more about how they can engage with Santiago by reading books and playing with him.

Santiago lives with his parents, Hazel, 20, and Francisco, 22, his brother and two other relatives. Francisco is the only parent who works and he earns the minimum wage about $300, which is very low for a family of four. For this reason, Program Velasco awarded Santiago a scholarship.

Santiago learns and enjoys his childhood with other children. We are very happy to be able to support him thanks to the valuable contribution of his sponsor!

You can sponsor a child too! Please check here for more details!

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