Parent Meeting with a Twist

A mother helping to clean a forested area adjacent to the center.This area is an ideal place to take the children to learn more about nature, have story time beneath a tree, and just be in a peaceful place. Before this space could be utilized, litter needed to be picked up, a new retaining wall needed to be constructed (to prevent landslides), tree limbs needed to be trimmed, etc. The parents arrived bright and early Saturday morning to work on all the clean-up projects.

Parents help to clean and build a retaining wall near the center.This Escuela Familiar accomplished much more than just finishing all the cleaning projects. Families built community amongst themselves and with the staff, they enjoyed themselves, they encouraged one another, and they worked as a team. This opportunity and time spent together is so noteworthy and special for the parents because they rarely have a chance to safely spend time together, let alone re-invest in the community.

In their daily lives, so much violence, insecurity, and the gangs’ control of the community keeps them enclosed in their homes and they don’t get many chances to interact with their neighbors. Parents and staff unanimously agreed that they need to do more service related projects together because these activities build needed peace and community.


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