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PV partners with various organizations who are dedicated to making a positive impact. Some of these partners are religious, which is a result of operating in a society where religion and culture are closely intertwined. These partnerships have provided access to the community, funding and volunteer support with no strings attached. Rooted in a secular approach that focuses on being trauma-informed, client-centered and empowerment-based, PV does NOT proselytize or evangelize in any way. We are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with these valuable organizations and their talented staff! 

International Development Research Centre-IDRC


University of Chicago, Crown Family School or Social Work

The Crown School is one of the top ranked schools of social work and social welfare in the world. Its mission is to work toward a more just and humane society through research, teaching and service to the community. PV partners with the Crown School to help facilitate international field practicum experiences for masters-level Crown students interested in global social development. Through this partnership, students gain an immersive experience and are able to look at social work concepts through an international lens, while PV is able to integrate new innovative new and innovative ideas throughout the organization’s structure and program design.

Asociación Nuevo Amanecer de El Salvador (ANADES)

Through this partnership PV provides scholarships for low-income students to access the ANADES pre-school and offers workshops for ANADES teachers and staff on mental health and well-being, while PV gains centrally located office and program space, as well as client referrals for the WEP.

Centro Ignacio Ellacuría

Centro Ignacio Ellacuría is part of the University of Central America, José Simeón Cañas.  The Center facilitates programs for students that integrate the exploration of faith and promotion of social justice through a practice-based education model. Hosting students for four weeks or four months, PV provides students with an opportunity to support the Women’s Empowerment Project, while exploring what service means to them and their own personal faith. Hosting CIE students does not have any religious impact on PV’s programs or participants. PV has partnered with the CIE since 2018, and under its previous name, the Casa de la Solidaridad, since 2007.

Christians for Peace in El Salvador (CRISPAZ)

CRISPAZ, is a Salvadoran-based organization that hosts university, high school, and community faith groups from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other countries for immersion experiences and delegations to El Salvador. Several times a year, CRISPAZ brings groups to PV to learn about our work and approach, meet our participants and volunteer where needed. These visits do not include any proselytization. We enjoy sharing our work with as many CRISPAZ delegations as we can! PV has partnered with CRISPAZ since 2016.

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The Center for Peacemaking (CfP)

The Center for Peacemaking (CfP) at Marquette University believes that peacemakers are contemplative in thought and bold in action. Alongside aspiring peacemakers and changemakers, the CfP understands nonviolence and social change by engaging in local (Milwaukee, WI) or global peacemaking efforts. PV partners with CfP to host summer fellowships for students and a visit during the January Term for students and faculty. For these initiatives and others, CfP and PV’s missions align to help form the next generation of leaders and peacemakers.

Pasas y Poder

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Social Sciences and Humanities

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York University

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Lowthian Design

We hope you like our website! We could not have created it or grown our organization without LDW’s generous support. LDW teaches social justice organizations how to build, edit, and improve their website while LDW staff maintains the site and its updates. We are grateful for LDW and highly recommend them.  We’ve partnered with LDW since 2008.

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