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Hello Dear Friends and Family,

I am reaching out to you on behalf of the children and families of San Ramon, El Salvador. This is the community I have been supporting by sponsoring three different children over the past 10 years through Programa Velasco. This organization, co-founded by my dear friend, Juan Velasco, gives young children (age 2- 6) a strong start in life with a safe place to develop through access to education, nutrition and counseling services. Programa Velasco also helps women entrepreneurs to start or improve their businesses as a way to support their families in an impoverished community.

Since the pandemic, many of their small businesses have been shut down, leaving the families without adequate financial support for food or rent. Programa Velasco has created a COVID-19 Family Relief and Recovery Fund to help them with cash assistance during this time and to help them continue to access Programa Velasco’s programs.

My intention is to inspire you to contribute and whatever you are moved to give is so welcomed and very appreciated. This is the best birthday gift I can imagine!

Heartfelt thanks,

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