Seed Money – an investment in Sonia´s future

Over the next few weeks, we will share the stories of women who, thanks to your generosity, and their determination and commitment, are investing in equipment and materials to grow their businesses.

Today, it is Sonia’s turn. She is a stylist and has a beauty salon in San Ramón. We learned about her story a few months ago, you can read it here . Sonia, has actively participated in the project all year and has put into practice her new bookkeeping skills and other pieces of advice she has received. As she shares, her participation in the project and the lessons she has learned have helped her improve the management of her business and have increased her self-esteem.

Since she the beginning of the project, Sonia acknowledged that the desk chair she used for her clients was not appropriate and that she needed a more professional hair stylist chair. A stylist’s chair is more comfortable for clients and for Sonia, it´s more effective because she can adjust height.

Thanks to our donors´ generosity, part of Sonia´s seed money went to covering the costs of a stylist’s chair. She achieved her goal! She is now even more motivated to continue working, she appreciates the support and she promises to make a stronger effort with her business so that seed money investment contributes to long-term results.

We know there are many needs to cover, but the seed money opportunity is a step forward and it allows women to expand their resources and build stronger businesses that will bear fruit!

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