Children protecting the planet!

In light of Earth Day we want to recognize the efforts of the children (and their parents) at the Child Development Center to establish a connection with the planet and care for the environment. Programa Velasco is proud to support families at the ANADES Child Development Center by providing access to educational field trips that reinforce what the children are learning inside the classrooms.

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to El Salvador

“I wish I had known this before” said Araceli, a Programa Velasco intern, before making a list of things that she didn’t know before coming to El Salvador for the first time. Araceli thought that a good way to celebrate National Volunteer Month was to share what she had learned during her time as a volunteer this past summer. It’s also a way to encourage someone who wants to be a volunteer or an intern in El Salvador and prepare them for their stay in the country.

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