Women’s Empowerment Project

PV supports women entrepreneurs – many of whom are mothers of children in our programs – through a two-year training program called the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP). Our goal is to empower women personally and professionally to achieve financial independence and create more gender equality in their lives. The WEP consists of the following components:

Personal and Economic Empowerment Course

Technical Assistance on Bookeeping


Vocational Training and Seed Money

A 12-course workshop on personal and economic empowerment to increase the participant’s self-care skills and business management techniques which will help them improve their businesses.

One-on-one sessions with a technical advisor who will  help participants increase the participants learn how to fill out bookkeeping forms and analyze records to see their business gains,losses, savings, and other financial indicators.

Once a month counseling sessions with our WEP psychologist is offered to participants who need further treatment after the initial consultation. The sessions help participants resolve personal, social, and psychological difficulties.

Participants have the opportunity to receive scholarships to attend vocational training programs to learn new skills. They are also eligible to receive seed money to invest in their business.

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