World Social Justice Day

Given the importance of this day, we are reflecting on some of the current situations that exist in El Salvador. This article from the Chicago Tribune reminds us of the lack of social justice within the Salvadoran reality. All of these circumstances are interrelated and over time have intensified the quality of life of Salvadoran households.

These are just four of the many realities that the families and women entrepreneurs that we work with face. This information helps us see ​​what we can do to lessen the negative impact in their lives. Through Programa Velasco’s support, children have access to a holistic early education in a safe place and their families go to work knowing that their children are in good hands. Additionally, through Programa Velasco’s financial support and technical assistance to our partner organization, children and families have access to counseling and case management services to help manage adverse situations.

The entrepreneurs in the Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP) have the opportunity to gain business management techniques and self-care skills. Through both Personal and Entrepreneurial empowerment courses, we have witnessed the many accomplishments of the WEP 2017-2018 participants. In just two years, there was a 72% increase in women who maintain a savings for their business, a 55% increase in financial independence, and a 55% increase in women who reported a higher self-esteem.These strides have been key for them to take on a leadership role and spark a change in their community.

Our donors’ loyal dedication and generosity allows us to carry out our mission to “educate children and women entrepreneurs to build stronger families and create better futures” and thus, we can contribute to creating more social justice in El Salvador.


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