Writing, reading and having fun!

The process is composed of five stations. In each station, children learn more about the letters.
Each day they work with a different letter but the stages are the same with all.  In previous years, children learn the phonemes (sounds) and strokes of the letters of the alphabet. Now as they  begin the process of reading and writing, they are already familiar with the basic groundwork.

The literacy process is carried out through the following activities:

1. Sandbox: With their fingers, students draw the letter they are studying in the sand

2. Stroke: Instead of their finger, students use a pencil and print the letter according to the strokes in the activity book.

3. Reading: After practicing to print, students read  a section in the book with their teacher.

4. Construction of words: With wooden letters and with an illustration as a reference, students spell a word

5. Verbal: On a chalkboard, students print five words beginning with the letter or syllable they are are working on.

When the five steps have been successfully completed, the teacher places a sticker indicating the progress of each child. This encourages and motivates students to keep moving ahead to a clear and visible goal.
Parents were interested, enthusiastic and agreeing to support their children in this process, which will certainly benefit their children. Thanks to your generosity, students and parents  can receive this type of hands-on education!

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