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Yoga for kids!

As many practitioners have experienced, yoga is not just a physical workout. It also challenges the mind and spirit to expand one’s self- awareness and concentration. Research shows that when children practice yoga regularly, they show fewer signs of helplessness and aggression, increased self-esteem, and, with time, are better able to balance their emotions. 

All of these soft skills are essential for a child’s development – especially for children, such as the ones we work with, who experience stress and trauma. Of our children practicing yoga, 17 exhibit such signs of stress and already engage in play therapy with the psychologist. Yoga creates another opportunity to reinforce how they can manage their emotions and calm themselves in times of stress, while having fun and being physically challenged at the same time. Children learn a deeper self and body awareness while also developing the ability to concentrate on the present moment in a supportive and non-competitive environment. All of these skills and attitudes will positively impact their development and personal formation.  

You can help ensure that this meaningful opportunity and resource continues. Please consider sponsoring a yoga class for $15! Check out the video below to see first-hand what the kids are learning.

Special thanks to the Congregation of St. Joseph and their 2011 Generous Promise Grant for providing funding for the yoga mats! The kids are grateful to have such a helpful resource when practicing yoga.  

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