Meet Mateo Alexander!

We asked Carolina, his teacher, to tell us a little about Mateo:

“Mateo loves to play with building blocks. He follows instructions without any trouble, especially when performing crafts. He is very affectionate and curious. One of the difficulties we have noticed is that sometimes he does not respect his peers to the extent that we’d like, but despite that, he is very cooperative and participatory in the classroom. Matthew is a very sweet and intelligent child “

He lives with his 22-year-old mother and 28-year-old dad. His mom works as a waitress and his dad sells ice cream. With both of their salaries combined, they earn just above the minimum wage for one salary. Their income is not stable and rather varies from month to month especially because of their work in the foodservice industry. This is why they requested a scholarship for Mateo. The scholarship has been very helpful as it gives them the opportunity for Mateo to obtain an early education and his parents can dedicate time to working.

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