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We appreciate your interest to support the families we serve! Join us in raising awareness and fuel our work to support them. Check out these opportunities below. For more info about how to get involved or share about another idea, contact

Host a gathering

Parties or dinners with family and friends at your home or restaurant bring together great company with the purpose to raise awareness and money to support education and empowerment for Salvadoran families. Don’t know how to start? We’ll provide you with talking points to follow and a toolkit with content to explain why support is urgently needed. You’ll have everything you need to succeed!

Start an online fundraiser/Special day

Dedicate a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any special occasion to the Salvadoran families we serve. On our website, we’ll create a fundraising page for you to share with friends and family. We’ll provide materials and content for you to use in explaining the importance of our work in El Salvador.

Serve as an Ambassador

PV hosts two online fundraisers a year and our ambassadors reach out to their social networks to spread our message and invite their contacts to join them in donating.

Reach out to Christian for more details on these opportunities:

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Our work is only possible with your support!

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