Meet Sara!

One of Sara’s favorite activities is building things, and her teacher this year mentioned that one of her strengths is being supportive of her classmates. One thing she struggles with is following directions. Sara is often described as helpful, participatory, and sociable.

Sara’s mom, María Ester, is 24. She finished ninth grade and sells tortillas, fruit, and other food on the street, earning a minimal income each month. She applied for a scholarship from Programa Velasco because with two children at the center plus a baby at home, she would have no other way to make ends meet. María Ester is currently a member of Programa Velasco’s Women’s Empowerment Project, and despite several financial and personal setbacks this year, she has maintained her enthusiasm, drive to provide for her family, and positive outlook on the future. She has never missed a session! This family is truly making the best of the opportunities you have helped create through Programa Velasco programming!

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